Karine Sultan Hematite with Crystal Cuff

Drawing inspiration from Shanghai, Lozada used Shine Define and a Micro Crimper on the top U-shaped section of the hair before applying Shine Crafter and braiding the sides. He then inserted a wire in the plaits, shaping and positioning them before back-brushing the top section and forming an elevated shape. Top and pants: Jizell Keseian; Cuffs: Karine Sultan.

Karine Sultan Hammered Hematite Cuff Embedded with Crystal Rhinestones Across the Cuff. Style#: B50596.71

Karine Sultan Small Cut Out Pattern with Crystal Hematite Cuff. Style#: B06496.71


Article from: http://www.americansalon.com/content/globetrotters

Karine Sultan Square Elastic Cuff with Crystal Rhinestones

Square Elastic Cuff with Crystal Rhinestones Embedded on all 4 Corners. There are 5 Square Panels on the Bracelet and they are Strung on Elastic Cord. One Size Fit All.

Approximate Measurements: Band Width is 1 3/8”
Available in: Gold, Silver, Hematite

Style#: B50186

Style#: B50186