Alison Brie in Karine Sultan Cuffs for Rhapsody

Actress Alison Brie strikes captivating poses reminiscent of the classic beauties of the past while wearing Karine Sultan gold cuffs for the cover of Rhapsody magazine.

Admired for her roles as Annie Edison on the NBC sitcom Community and Trudy Campbell on the AMC drama Mad Men, she exudes a sultry sexiness that is enthralling. She wears the Karine Sultan cuffs with such panache.

Get your own sexy look with Karine Sultan jewelry.

Alison Brie – Karine Sultan Cuff: B09846.10 & B50914.10Rphapsody Alison Brie – Karine Sultan Cuff: B09846.10 & B09666.10[/caption]

Ralph Fiennes on  cover of Rhapsody Magazine Alison Brie – Karine Sultan Cuff: B09846.10 & B50914.10

Rhapsody is a monthly luxury lifestyle and literary magazine exclusively created for United’s premium-cabin customers and visitors to United Global First lounges and United Club locations.

Carley Rae Jepsen worn Karine Sultan Gold Green Enamel Cuff

Enamel Finished Cuff. Cuff is Slightly Flexible for Size Adjustment. One Size Fits All.

Approximate Measurements: Band Width is 1 1/2” and 6 1/2” Around

Finish Available in:
(1) B54054.13 – Matte Gold/ Black Enamel
(2) B54054.14 – Matte Gold/ Pink Enamel
(3) B54054.16 – Matte Gold/ Green Enamel Worn by Singer Carly Rae Jepsen
(4) B54054.19 – Matte Gold/ Beige Enamel
(5) B54054.23 – Matte Silver/ Black Enamel
(6) B54054.24 – Matte Silver/ Pink Enamel
(7) B54054.26 – Matte Silver/ Green Enamel
(8) B54054.29 – Matte Silver/ Beige Enamel

Enamel Finished Cuff

Style#: B54054