Karine Sultan Paris Jewelry on Satellite Magazine

Karine Sultan gold earrings is seen on Satellite Magazine (September – October 2013 print and digital Issue).

Karine Sultan on Satellite Magazine

Karine Sultan on Satellite Magazine

Photography: Benjo Arwas (benjoarwas.com)
Stylist: Wilford Lenov (Lenovstyle.com)
Makeup: Crystal Martinez
Hair: Carinatafulu (hairbycarina.net)
Nails: Summer Bryant
Assistant and Video: Ziyan Zhang (ziyanzhang.com)
Grace Kathryn at Studio GK Grace0Kathryn.com
Kakadu: Danger
Blouse NAMI
Dress and jacket SEVEN TIMES SEVEN (seven-times-seven.com)
Bracelets: ISHARYA (isharya.com)
Earrings: KARINE SULTAN (karinesultan.com)

Digital publication: http://www.satellite-magonline.com/

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